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What if?

Imagine what could happen if a season of compassion swept over our country. How would this impact our families, neighbors, cities and nation? Let's find out!


We invite you to take the 54 Day Challenge, a personal commitment to live a life of compassion for 54 days based on a simple Declaration of Character.   

Just sign up below and join the movement! You'll receive a message each day during the challenge to inspire and encourage civic unity through acts of kindness, non-violence, and common decency.  You will be able to share your stories on social media.  

54 days from Thanksgiving Day - MLK Day
National Spokesperson

We are pleased to announced that Fanchon Stinger will be the National Spokesperson for this year's 54 Day Challenge.  Watch her introductory video.


Fanchon is a 15-time Emmy winning co-host  and former journalist. She is also the Founder and CEO of Grit & Grace Nation, a national non-profit equipping girls everywhere with courage to lead with excellence and the tools necessary to succeed in life and leadership. Fanchon is also the co-host of PBR Now and a contributor to Western Sports Roundup and NFR Tailgate airing on Cowboy Channel and PlutoTV. Fanchon continues to speak nationally ... read more

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I want to take the Challenge!
November 23, 2023 - January 15, 2024

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Thanks for joining the 54 Day Challenge!

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