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What is it?

The 54 Day Challenge is a social initiative designed to confront the discord, division and distrust that is raging across our country like a wildfire.  It is a personal challenge for individuals, families, schools, churches, organizations and businesses to take a season of time to be intentional in how they relate to and treat others.  We believe that compassion is contagious and can bring healing and hope to our society in these challenging times.           


Why Now?


The initial 54 Day Challenge developed out of an all too common situation.  On October 1, 2022, Ben Davis High School was playing a football game against Carmel High School in Indianapolis.  There was a shooting in the parking lot that let both teams stunned and a community shattered. Unfortunately, that was not an isolated event across our country as evidenced by the recent tragedy at UVA last year.  This turmoil reflects a heart struggle that affects every person, town, and city and threatens to destroy the core fabric of our society – our relationships as humans living in community.  We continue to need a social reset.  A time where we can be united, despite our differences.  We need a season of compassion.     

Why 54 Days?

We wanted a defined period of time where individuals could be intentional in their acts of compassion. There are exactly 54 days from Thanksgiving to MLK Day. We will begin on a day that celebrates gratitude and end on a day that honors a man who continues to challenge us to dream bigger and be better as a nation.  


Why You?

Any great social transformation begins with an individual.  The power of one is simply amazing. You have the unique ability to directly influence and impact life around you, one person at a time. The 54 Day Challenge is your opportunity, through an intentional season of compassion, to help change and impact the world for good.  Please join us in this journey!

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