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Ken Johnson, National Spokesperson

The 54 Day Challenge is honored to have Ken Johnson as its national spokesperson. Ken's life story is one of challenge and transformation based on compassion. At the age of 18, his mom, a prostitute, shot him multiple times. Despite this adversity, Ken earned a football scholarship to the University of Tulsa. A knee injury prevented him from pursuing professional football. He chose instead to serve his country in the military and became a police officer, devoting almost six years to the inner city neighborhoods of Tulsa. Recognizing the same downtrodden and crushed spirits of the youth he encountered there, Ken developed a deep compassion for urban outreach and moved to Indianapolis with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He later spent 30 years as the chaplain for the Indianapolis Colts. Ken is a nationally acclaimed speaker, author and pastor who motivates and encourages people of all sizes, shapes and colors, inspiring them with his story of dogged determination to rise above the impoverished life he had endured in his youth. He is the Lead Pastor of New Heights Church - a multicultural, multiethnic, multigenerational church.  Ken lives in Indianapolis with his wife Della. They have three delightful adult children, Dominick, Kendall, and Kristina, as well as six grandkids.

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